Why JBC Group?

pople All of our members are Japanese and can fully understand Japanese business culture and more importantly we have extensive experience working with Asian, European and American high technology companies. We become your working partner but not just an instructor on how to do and what to do.

There are several ways to build and operate your business in Japan:

  • Sell your products through a sales channel (trading companies)
  • Form a joint venture agreement with a Japanese company.
  • Build your own subsidiary in Japan.

Each approach has advantages and disadvantages and failure in the first phase of approach normally results in damage and cost to you.

Having a working team in Japan can provide your company with not only experienced top level advice but also high level access to decision makers at large resellers, OEMs and other technology firms. By working with you, up front our team can lessen the risk and save you a lot of your valuable time and accelerate your entry time into Japanese markets.

JAPAN Business Contact (JBC) Group Inc. is a Tokyo-based business development firm which specializes in supporting foreign-based technology companies that want to enter the Japanese market, founded in 2002 by Japanese professionals who have extensive business carriers in penetrating and developing the Japanese market for foreign-based technology firms.

The JBC Group is not a trading company or a consulting firm but works for foreign companies as an interim representative office in Japan to achieve their goals for the initial phases of Japan market entry.

JBC Group consists of experienced and top-performing business and technical people who have lived and worked in the United States and Europe. Some have founded foreign subsidiaries in Japan and made them successful companies as well. All members have extensive experience working with foreign companies either in foreign countries or in Japan and all are bilingual in English and Japanese.


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Kitasaku, Nagano
Japan 389-0102
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