Solar cell and module business : Solsol GmbH

Solsol dedicates global photovoltaic industries as an engineering partner for manufacturers and equipment suppliers. They are the expert in mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and modules as well as thin film modules and their production process. They offers consulting, production support and process development with a task force team consist of rich experienced members in the field of solar cell device physics, production technology, photovoltaic business and other related areas.
Through us, Solsol can offer the same service to European companies planning to extend their activities to Japan.

Food packaging technology business : Orbit Trail LLC

Orbit Trail and JBC Group enter Japanese business with following technology and products.

Fresh food packaging and distribution
The process, based on registered patent, is known and commonly used for decades world-wide including air liners, hotels, super-markets and restaurants.

Pomegranates products
It has been known for centuries as a unique and healthy fruit but difficult to distribute in modern mass market. With our patented aril separation technology, it can be easily used for juice, wine and frozen food as well as fresh supply.

MAP line
With Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) line, products packed with no harm to texture or appearance of even the most delicate products like cherry tomatoes, baby leaf salads, whole fresh fish, peeled cut, whole fresh fruit and so on.

M&A, IPO business : Technology Market Force Inc.

Technology MarketForce (TMF) has focused on innovative growth strategies, global strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions since 1987 in the US. TMF concentrates on the rapid analysis and facilitation of critical strategic growth or survival decisions. TMF is the creator of the Company Health Test used by Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. TMF is typically called in to assist the senior management, board of directors and investors of technology companies make key decisions and then facilitate the resulting strategies.


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