Abenomics is economic policy Shinzo Abe, the 96th Japanese prime minister, advocated. You should learn it carefully if you think of doing business in Japan. It may be the best time to enter Japan market.
There are 3 measures :

  1. Aggressive quantitative easing from the Bank of Japan
  2. Increase in public infrastructure spending
  3. Japan Revitalization Strategy - JAPAN is BACK -

The third one is the most interesting for those want to enter Japan market. Detail information is distributed in the cabinet homepage. ( Japan Revitalization Strategy - JAPAN is BACK - )
There are 4 themes in the Strategic Market Creation Plan.

  1. Extending the nation's "healthy life expectancy"
  2. Realizing clean and economical energy demand and supply
  3. Building safe, convenient, and economical next-generation infrastructures
  4. Building regional communities that use their unique local resources to appeal to the world

Mount Komekura Photovoltaic power plant

Let's check expecting business field on each theme.
#1 is for medical, as it looks, but there are many IT related needs. For example, new preventive care system, digitizing medical information and health care point system ( like milage program for frequent fliers ) Needless to say, medical and scientific instruments are the candidate.

#2 is for renewal energy. Solar cell is needless to say but wind power has good potential. Thermal power is another choice that is emphasized in the paper. Consulting firm in this area may work with experience at other countries. International standardization is week point of Japan.
Frequency changer also has possibilities since there is need to make larger facility to connect East and West Japan that they are using different frequency and photovoltaic generation.

#3 has IT related needs, like self-driving cars, traffic jam & accident control and inspection system for infrastructures.

#4 looks not for foreigners but it is and you might clear regulation easier. There are two main field, agriculture and tourism. Agriculture is least productive area in Japan and protected by interest groups. The government expects it to be renovated.
Japanese tourism has weakness against foreigners. Most of them even think of customers from other countries and rejects. Europeans had much experience in this area and it is them who know what they want in Japan.

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