Japanese people as consumers and workers

Needless to say, it is important to know people living there to do business in Japan because they will become your customer and coworkers. Segmentation is one of your first step of marketing.

conceptial view of segmantation

Japanese are one of most often talked people with curiosity in world wide. There are many myth about Japanese such as always bowing, not speaking and collective behavior. Many people worldwide may use Japanese products like cars and electronic appliances and Toyota and Sony are well-known Japanese brand. Japan boom have occurred periodically in western countries and it expands to Asian countries these days. Although about 1/60 of population in the world is Japanese, you don't know about them at all.

unseen peopleWhy you don't know Japanese? It is because a few are in abroad and many tends to live in Japanese closed community in that area. You may not contact with them unless you work for Japanese company or live in Japan. When Japan was growing in double digits, many Japanese traveled to most of famous foreign cities abroad in large groups and travelers from other countries and domestic customers for shops were not in favor at tourist attractions. Imagine over 50 Japanese tourists get off from a large bus, run into a shop and buy a dozen of souvenirs a person without watching beautiful scenery. Japanese were long called "Economic Monsters" with its buying power, backed by its economic growth. Now, Chinese are replacing its role. Even in Japan, people sees Chinese just like that, forgetting they were watched as they were. Of course, shop owners had been more than happy, though they did not speak a word. It makes ordinary people who are majority and can not join the club more angry.

Recently, Japanese sub-culture such as Anime, Manga and Otaku is focused by young people in the world. For examle, Korean toy market is flooded with those Japanese character goods. Generating such pupularity was learned from American giant, Disney and Hollywood movie makers. Of course, not all Japanese are Otaku and only a few young people wear cloths from Anime or Harajuku, one of capitol of those fashion. Most of people live ordinary life.

In this section, common Japanese people are described as consumer and workers to make you understand your target in business.

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