Japan market entry support

Japan Market Entry One of main service of JBC Group is Japan market entry support service.

JBC Group helps foreign companies with their market studies, strategy development and market entry planning for the Japanese markets. We plan, support and implement your market entry goals for Japan especially in the high-tech areas of electronics, semiconductors, high-tech equipment, Internet and telecommunications. Needless to say, we offer the service in other area, too. Please, check Show cases, following links to know our customers. You may find great opportunity in Japan.

JBC group offers the service for the following approach to Japanese market entry.

  • Short period visits to potential customers
  • Find multiple sales channels
  • Build a subsidiary in Japan

It is said that starting business in Japan is very hard for most foreign-affiliated firms. It may be true but there are also many successful ones in Japan, too. It is not logical to give up entering Japanese market so easily. It just different from other countries. You might not notice it difficult if the first country you had started was Japan because you don't know the other.

Of course, it will take much time and significant costs if you decide to research potential market, find appropriate sales channels, acquire technology licensing partners and whatever else they might be necessary to start business in Japan by yourself since you have disadvantages of language and culture background, even you are so much enthusiastic in the matter. Please refer to contents, 'Japan market'. You might get some idea for Japanese and its culture.

A small project can not afford to pay for the market research cost in that way but we might be able to offer you right quality and quantity of service with reasonable fee. Please contact us freely. For example, with Intensive contract, you can visit couple of potential customers in Japan within a few days to save your time and investment.

One of our advantages is our staffs. All JBC Group staffs knows Japanese market as both Japanese and business men. They all had worked for foreign-owned enterprises. Some of them had even established Japanese branch and run subsidiaries as well. Their experience may help you and lead your business to the success in short time. It will reduce significant time and cost to gather necessary information and find right person to contact with.

If you have special request, don't hesitate to ask us. It is our pleasure and it would turn out to be one of our great services.

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