Marketing strategy development for Japan

Followings are JBC Group's common steps to develop your market in Japan:

1. Finding top five potential customers and its key persons for the business.

The top companies are not necessary the most selling ones. We have more information rather than sales amount. We check their technological potentials, growth rate, company policy and so on. Such information is gathered by our human network. Each person has his own field that he is good at and stored vast information for his long career.
Five may differ but we don't use large candidates list. It would be waste of time and resources if we worked with such lists. We know that as we go down the rank, its success rate also drops.

2. Preparing introductory materials in Japanese and sending them to the potential customers

Even people are saying business is globalized, English is not the best choice when you start doing business in Japan. Japanese language adopted many foreign origin words including English for couple of centuries. During the WWII, Japan prohibited using English words because it was the enemy's language. After 70 plus years, there is no trace at all. On the contrary, there are quiet a few business men using English words too frequently in Japanese conversation. English has been taught in Japanese schools as one of a subject of study but not language. Only few Japanese can understand English conversation but most of them can read it.
Thus it is much better using Japanese than English, if you do the business in Japan.

3. Setting up and arrange the meeting with replied customers

Not all but some will get interested in the business. The first meeting should go always nice with Japanese. We assist you to prepare presentation materials in Japanese and attend the meeting as an interpreter.

4. Following-up

After the meeting, we will call the customers and report you the result or their decision.

After you find a customer, we consult marketing strategy in Japan. Here are some key points of expanding business in Japan.

Should you keep using distributors or go direct sales?

In early years, distributors are promising but as sales sores you see other choices. You might also see Japanese Keiretsu problem that they reluctantly buy products from other business groups. JBC group can assist you in many ways.

When should you open Japanese branch office?

Business trips may pay off if not so frequent. As number of trips goes high, a branch office is getting cheaper. Of course it depends on rent of office and total costs. We can select office for you and provide recruiting service.

Timing of establishing subsidiary

Establishing a subsidiary may be the goal of entering Japanese business market. At this point, you will need more knowledge other than business, such as tax, employment, monetary and so on. JBC group can assist you with members with the experience, that they had actually built their company.

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