Partnership development

During market research or sales channel selection, JBC Group happens to find that there is no good distributor in that area in Japan. In such case, we recommends to make partnership with Japanese company. Some customer prefers partner to distributor for the first place. We also assist in such cases.

In general Japanese distributing margin is smaller than that of United States. In realty, it is complicated and there are many kind of charges and expenses. We can hardly tell that it is so. There exists many unique barriers such as Keiretsu. It is a business group connected with strong sympathy and they hesitate to deal over groups. Other is Koza, an account. Large companies reluctant to make a business account for you. They try to minimize number of account and refuse to make new ones that is seemed to be inactive. In that case, one can not deal with the company and they introduce a distributor just for the business transaction.

If your product or service is for niche market, distributors may not work to expand your business in Japan as expected since they need much effort to know it to sell. Some might lost interest of doing business, especially in sales division, even you have contract. On the contrary, partner sells your product as if it were their product and you can add their product in your list of sales. Some partner knows the business well and are doing sales activity much.

Although the starting point is different, development path of partner is similar to distributor selection. Followings are process flow of the development.

  • Researching market and finding several potential partner for the business.
  • Preparing introductory materials in Japanese and sending them to the candidates
  • Setting up and arrange the meeting with replied ones
  • Following-up

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