Executive recruitment

hiring peopleWe provide recruiting services under the license issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare, to foreign based companies conducting or planning to conduct business operations in Japan.

Founded in 2002, JBC Group consists of recruiting members, all Japanese, with extensive carriers working for and with foreign capital affiliated firms in Japan as well as Japanese companies. All recruiting members have more than 35 years of business experience and have held positions including Chief Executive Officers and other management positions, are bilingual in Japanese and English and have had extensive experiences in hiring Japanese staff before joining JBC Group.

Why use JBC Group?
Effective recruitment requires a deep understanding of what our clients require and experience in screening the candidates by their capabilities.

All JBC Group consultants have experience in various professional business sectors and makes effective use of the professional knowledge and experience each consultant brings to the table as well as strong and well developed contacts and referral networks to effectively find and recruit the best candidates for our clients.

We all know and have experience how difficult it is and how costly it is to hire capable individuals for business operations of foreign capital affiliated firms in Japan, especially at an early stage. JBC Group is the professional recruiting firm that you can rely on to recruit capable individuals that fit your needs to operate your business successfully in Japan.

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