Disk drive duplication

hard disk driveIntelligent Computer Solutions, Inc.(ICS) is the pioneer in the disk drive duplication business. With its technology, it became an industry standard for most PC makers to install system in their drives automatically. In mid 90's, ICS cooperated with law enforcement agencies to develop computer forensic systems with increase of computer crime. ICS units are popular among agencies in the world. "ICS has been in business for about 15 years and have successfully entered many international markets including Europe, China, Korea, the Middle East, etc. We have, however, struggled to enter the market in Japan for years without making any significant progress." said Mr. George Bar, Director of Business, ICS at that time. A year later from when JBC Group started involving, ICS felt a new distributor in Japan had been exceeded their expectations.

Followings are the list of things JBC Group has supported ICS to enter Japan market.

Sales representative contract :

  • Promote and sell their products in Japan while ICS is in a process of selecting a distributor and finalizing the contract with them.

Distributor selection contract :

  • JBC Group selected distributors for ICS
  • JBC Group supported selected distributor including organizing training at ICS site on the products and getting involved in communication with ICS to make sure the smooth transition of JBC Group to the distributor happens.

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