Solar cell business

Solar cell is one of the fast growing industries in the world. After the earthquake in 2011 and subsequently occurred nuclear power plant accident, Japanese noticed vulnerability on electric power supply and the government shifted to develop more renewable energy aggressively. The most expected source is solar cell in the world, referencing German success. A new act to force electronic suppliers to buy more home brewed energy like solar cell in Japan as well.

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Japan was a leading country in researching effectiveness of photovoltaic but long left form the market while Germany and Chinese companies have head started in the business. Recently, many Japanese companies had been press-released their plans of building megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant. It is obvious that this is good chance to enter Japanese solar cell business for related services or products with technology new to Japan.

Here is the list of our most recent clients in solar cell business in Japan :

We have supported variety of solar business, from material companies to consulting firms.
The business circumstances is rapidly changing. Once the government had decided to subsidize megawatt solar plant, many rushed to file their plans. It revealed the part of them had never been realized, although the prime minister is pushing solar as renewal energy to lead related industries. The reason of the slowness lays in both technical and legal difficulties. Japan needs more de-regulations and developers needs more experience.

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