Silver pastes

Ag paste for photovoltaicHeraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG (Heraeus) is a globally active precious metal and technology group in Germany, The group covers precious metals, materials and technologies, sensors, bio-materials, medical and pharmaceutical products, quartz glass, and specialty light sources. They produces front-side sliver pastes for solar cells.

Followings are the list of activities JBC Group has supported Heraeus to enter Japan market.

Japan Market Assessment contract :

  • Find major potential customers and its key person
  • Prepare introductory materials in Japanese and send them to the potential customers
  • Set up and arrange the meeting with them for Heraeus
  • Arrange travel plan including purchase of transportation ticket and reservation of hotel for Heraeus
  • Assist Heraeus to prepare presentation materials in Japanese
  • Interpret for Heraeus during the meeting
  • Follow-up the meeting by calling potential customers and repot what we got from them to Heraeus

Sales representative contract :

  • Promote and sell products in Japanese market while Heraeus is in a process of selecting distributor and finalizing the contract with them including the visit and promotion of the products to the potential customers with Heraeus
  • Closed successfully the big account bringing Heraeus a million dollar sales a year

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