Aluminum paste

Giga Solar Materials Corp. (GSMC) had been the "Solar Material Chemical Department" of Gigastorage Corp. and became a subsidiary in 2008 with success of manufacturing aluminum paste which was very well received by the market.

GSMC and JBC Group reached the agreement that JBC Group promote GSMC's aluminum paste to one of the leading solar cell manufactuer in Japan and suceeed in getting million dollar sales a year business in less than one year.

Aluminum conductive paste for solar cell

Conductive paste is essential to solar cells, printed directly on the cell both front and back with screen masks to collect solar generated current. It occupies 20% of the total production cost of the cell. Besides material cost of the paste and used volume, efficiency on both productivity and cell power generation pays grate roll. Researchers are struggling hard to find the way to realize thinner line on the cells or higher cell efficiency.

Working closely with Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, GSMC is pushing to develop the Photovoltaic Material Industry in order to make Taiwan to be significant in Photovoltaic Industry and it has been very successful.

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