Consulting from sand to solar park

M+W GROUP logoM+W Group has been the market leader in design and construction of new and upgraded solar cell production lines for more than 10 years. M+W Group covers from the newest technologies to standard silicon-based photovoltaics and from ingot to modules. They are the leading consulting and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) company in photovoltaic business - from sand to solar park.

JBC Group made a contract with M+W Group to support them to enter Japan market as follows :

Japan Market Assessment contract :

  • find top five potential customers and its key person
  • prepare introductory materials in Japanese and send them to the potential customers
  • set up and arrange the meeting with them for M+W Group
  • arrange travel plan including purchase of transportation ticket and reservation of hotel for M+W Group
  • Assist M+W Group to prepare presentation materials in Japanese
  • Interpret for M+W Group during the meeting
  • Follow-up the meeting by calling potential customers and report what we got from them to M+W Groupv

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