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Solsol company logoSolsol GmbH (Solsol), a leading solar cell consulting company in Germany, chose JBC Group as a partner company in Japan.

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Following is a brief introduction to Solsol :

Solsol GmbH was founded in late 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany to serve the global photovoltaic industry as an engineering partner for manufacturers and equipment suppliers of solar cells and modules. They are the expert in mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and modules as well as thin film modules and their production process. They offer consulting, production support, specific reseach-and-development and process development regarding with solar cell factories.

They even claim :

For us, photovoltaic engineering is not only a mere job but a philosophy and a great passion. We believe that success is defined through our customers to whom we are dedicated partners and consultants in business and technology.

Their supporting team consists of rich experienced members in the field of solar cell device physics, production technology and enginnering, photovoltaic business and other related areas.

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Their experienced experts support a company during the ramp up of a new production line to the final output in terms of efficiency, throughput, and yield. They ensure a smooth transition from the hook-up phase to a regular and stable day-to-day operation. They assure that the company achieves the best possible solar cell efficiency and yield with their production facilities and guarantee sustainable success.

In addition to their technical support, they provides management expertise for solar cell production. Solsol professionals act as temporary technology and operation managers that assist a company with the setup of an efficient organization structure, a cost-effective procurement strategy and recruiting and training qualified in-house management personnel.

Solsol will help a company to enter new territories with existing products to be adapted to the requirements of photovoltaic industry. It is their goal to get the company quickly into contact with potential customers. Their outstanding experts in solar cell physics, engineering and business development will support you to achieve the most out of your solar enterprises.

They also provides following services :

  1. Lab service - measuring and characterization services for crystalline solar cell as well as amorphous silicon and CIGS thin film solar cell technology.
  2. Process development - Developing new production processes in co-operation with equipment manufacturers and solar cell producers. Verification and proof of concept would be carried out on the pilot production line for solar cells a the IPE, University of Stuttgart.

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