Solar simulator

BERGER Lichttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (BERGER), Germany is famous for developing and manufacturing accurate, reliable and repeatable solar simulation and measurement equipment. In 1960, BERGER developed and produced first photographic flashers. In 1973, the first flasher as a solar simulator was sold to the German space company MBB (Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm). Since then, the company have continuously developed conventional high-power flashers into real solar simulators.

solar simulator

JBC Group started dealing with BERGER's solar simulators in Japan to support their Japan market entry. After a half year, JBC Group sold one system in Japan.

Power generation efficiency of solar cells is measured with a solar simulator and its grade is defined in standards, such as IEC and JIS. BERGER's simulator got IEC60904-9 Ed.2 Class AAA certificate by TUV Reihland in Germany, a leading provider of technical services and an independent third-party test house to get proof for standards and is used in many calibration laboratories worldwide. Besides those off-line systems, it is very significant that they have installed over 1,200 units in solar cell production lines as well.

BERGER's solar simulator is using high power flash light source and unique to others using mirrors and filters. A simulator with mirrors requires precise and frequent adjustment to get uniform brightness that the real sun light has while BERGER's system is always reliable, accurate and available.

BERGER has combined it with measurement equipment and controller to make a system for manufacturing. The system measures all necessary data automatically and stores it to database system. It is the most desirable test system in European photovoltaic industry to be used in production and many companies like Flabeg, Q-Cells, RWE, Solar World, GPV, Solon, Saint Gobain, Solarfabrik,Solarwatt, Webasto and so on have bought the system.

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